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I was listening to 2 Pac - No More Pain when I designed this skull logo. This album was me trying to be not like my first album. Also, trying to have emotions because of my failure in college but unable to express them properly due to lack of social development.


released February 3, 2004



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Dismantled Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Armed And Ready
Surface probe
Scanning for
Life signs
All either dead
Or praying for
the next impact
Couldn't rise
Past all these
sworn perimeters
And besides,
All their wars
Were just cheap breeding contests

And unearthed
Their ripped jaws still screamed

Awoke to find the sky below a swollen ground as it all lifted up
I heard no voices in this storm and even as they overburned
I've never felt more alive

They built me well against this dawn until
They led me through their righteous armored gears
And as they grinded on
I realized that I've swallowed whole
The corpse of my belief

Yet still...

I am all armed and ready
My faith's all strapped
The blood runs colder
The days drain past
I go on
I'm ready for war

Except raised flags and all the pride you spit
Will never make an impact

I'm still all armed and ready
This mind is all torn
They ripped this faith off
They'll have it ready to blow
I'll go on
They're still praying for war

So let them
Praise their swarms
And worship their every
While they
Grind their wars
And sell them to every last

They have bred
Beyond all hope
Of a resolve
Let their jaws
Rip into their last
Track Name: Backwards
Their heads on backwards
Decisions frozen in vain
The fate grows colder
Illusion of power prevails

No conscience left
They'll die to resurrect their fallen
As long as the faith holds
The outcome will never change

Cut them off from the tubes they feed you
In to keep the worms from crawling out
Faith on concrete

Their meltdown is as predictable
As all these strings they pull
To keep their faith in line

Face down
The mind rips open
Open core
Track Name: The Swarm
They swarm
Whenever you're on
For others
They swarm without an on or off
Self-sufficients breed best always on
Ignore, but bioforced never to bypass a swarm
Overfed the self with their faith
Tried to tear it all off
But could not
It all stayed on
Strapped myself to the faces that'll never give me anything more

On or Off
On or Off
Somehow I always turn it off
But I'd rather live a lie that's always on

They form their walls
They had their eyes carved out
To lead their own
They've got an iron vision
And they only make room
For those self-sufficients who never choose

They all grind on
My own internals scream that I won't fit their mold
But they're so self-sufficient
They're bred so well
That I just wanna smash through and pretend I'm them and now

They've all just stalled
Their eyes all upon me
Waiting to swarm
Now I'm a self-sufficient
I've built myself well
But they will never swarm,
Oh they will never swarm

But I have no complaints, no
I made a promise I could never undertake
This corner always served me well

But I...
I can't beat the swarm
Get ahead
Get a life
Get a face
Get anything
Just stay the fuck away from me
Track Name: Had A Life
Walked straight for the longest time
Never looked at that exit to the other life
Kept it airtight
Lost all sight
Although all I ever had to do was stay blind
As well as stay down
The eyes are open now and I'm screaming towards the ground
Slammed back onstage now where I will mime
Through a broken jaw
But I forgot again
Just my imagination
Out of touch with reality again
Where the outer surface never rises
From the nukes
That implode and pass
That implode and pass
Even though eventually they'll throw off the mask
Reveal the insides and every past
To an empty night when all the flesh had crawled back into the stale light
They've spent their lifelines
On making sure I reach their landmines

If I had a life
I probably wouldn't notice
If I had a mind
I wouldn't let it choose for me

Well the sun's nailed up now
The swarms all loose now
Preparing in full force to climb their ladders up
While their engines drill the skies down
As long as it takes to build that armored skyline
Under which I've dried up
While waiting for the ocean's rise

To sweep it all away somehow
To the carefree glow of the grey sand
Where the blueproof tide unwinds its grasp
To the paper shores' sway of an ion sky
But now the stillframe skips over and back
And all folds away into these cartboard blinds
And then I hear the voices whisper: "Give it up"

I said
Give it up
This isn't what you wanted
Now just give it up this isn't what you wanted
Give it up
This isn't want we had in mind
You had your life to live
Now tell me what to do
I've got no life
I won't even choose
Track Name: Cornered
Teeth scraped along the walls
Jaw frantic in protest
Scarred hands jerk like last breath on a string
Along the floor,
Spilled eyes all fixed on a frozen heaven
Staring down black eighty feet through a ripped 'scraper top
Waiting for a hell to rain down from the longest iron wings
Because all the faith in this world has crawled up
Just between these swollen ribs
Sprouting nails and wings and worms and lies for those who take

The lights below
You know they'll bleed forever
Get back as the cores blow
Let me fall
Track Name: Exit
Faced the crowd
In a blind mirror
Skull smashed headfirst
Against this wall of inner need
I knew this fall
Would send it all down towards the lights
And they will question once more
From their unscathed towers

I'll answer
Go on and force
Your one-bit truth until the end
I'll swallow every bullet
That rips through the hull
A sheltered life crawls forward, vomits
And folds around twin blades
I pull it back like last time
Yet it never cuts through all the way
I always have to take it hostage

Whenever I feel
I find no way to begin
It always bled from within
They fed the dreams so it could rip
I've grown content in this dream
I'll let those others take and give

Whenever I feel
There is no way to begin
I've grown content in this dream
I'll let those others take and give

And if I had
Leaned forward and let their downpours mask
Preburned fields growing supports for a future set in past
Every reflection would lie and every breath would climb blind
Toward their shallow corpse of a self-lit sky
And just its weight would be enough
To send it all off the edge towards that same undecided mind
Towards that self-absorbed conscience that only screams
So predictably

"Someone burn me an exit"
Stormed their black-rise tower looming past
Drove them all out into a corner
Of the memory gridmap
Airlocked and silenced, I kept holding back

Finally burned them all alive
Before cutting off my own blood supply
I knew they had it bypassed to a bloodthirsty human mass
That infested with a false promise of a chance
And held a freedom already dried up and past
Track Name: A Shallow Light
You're running out now
You've led them through your tired edge again
They know you're mourning now
Your every selfish loss was an excuse to up your gain

Bring down the walls
On yourself
On yourself

Rise up and question now
I'm just suprised your vision is so set in doubt
And I know... I am so over now
Too used to being buried in a shallow light
Gone blind
But the damage is done
And I've left their sky
Too overwhelmed in this light
And I've just realized they're right
I just can't handle this life

Just leave me inside and let me say (to myself)

"In your light hangs a suicide
And I wish you cared"
But you brought down the walls
On yourself
On yourself
Track Name: The Last Excuse
If there is a hell
It filters through its neverending shades of green
And when it turns on those rains
it mutes it all to grey

If there is a hell
Its only life support is an idle screen
But to unplug is to spill a restless world at unset knees

If there is a hell
It always stares back through the same new cracks
And its every face seems worn and stale and overplayed

If there is a hell
It rings through wires and into my head
It asks me where and how and why I just don't try

But how can I explain
When all I've been is blinded
These words do talk
These heads do turn
But yet it's probably worthless

I'm not the one
I didn't want this
And whether it's chemical, emotional, physical
It doesn't mean shit

If there is a hell
There must be a heaven
And if just once
It shined right through
Perhaps I'd try
But it's only there
So the mind can fake it
And it seems that
All its innocence
Has all but drowned
And sometimes it calls
Through the submerged distance
And as its glimmers
Fade to black
The depths seem undone
But the only way to dive
Is through their engines
And while they always take the plunge
I've learned to stand aside
And leave them to collide

I'm not the one
I didn't want this

And there is a hell
I had it all made
Track Name: Essence
I glanced away
And the tides swept past me

Wherever you've run
And whatever you've built
Open your eyes
And realize
That life had run past you
Track Name: From The Coma-Swept Ruins
I've got an army of one behind the last wall
Fuels the engine in the last room to the right
Meanwhile the hallway is in another past
I had it nailed down to the last future pointed up

My faith's crawling through the vents again
The last time it came down
It felt something like a last rain
And the drains are all clogged again
The smashed mirrors are leaking from the pipes within

I've got the world in a metal shelf
Above a window grinning
Perfect ocean blue
And every life I take is my own
Don't have the fuel to burn it my way

Mind is wide open to the eyes pointed left
They've taken all they could again
The rest hangs black in the storm ahead
I can't pass it with these roads I've cut through

And I'm impressed with all you do
With just four limbs and a head
And if I were anyone else
I'd be the mirror staring back at a face so deaf

I'm in the open now yet all enclosed
The hollow winds of engines shuffling fog again
Ahead the distance smears all that's left
I used to walk it now the wheels just blur through

And at the end they've all turned to air
And left their shadows behind for me to follow
And what they say is that I have got to change
So I think I'll go and do that right now