Standard Issue v2

by Dismantled



Standard Issue is my "white album" with a heavy doze of sarcasm and 80's night inspired basslines mixed in with stabs at the music climate around me and how I perceived myself in it. Recording Aerodrone at the same time as this made everything more poppy and slick. An interesting album for an interesting time. After trusting someone else to master the original release of this, I realized I needed a re-release to correct the way the tracks sounded. Especially Fields. TZA, my keyboardist, suggested this to me and thus, Standard Issue V2.


released April 25, 2006



all rights reserved


Dismantled Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Anthem
We are the standard
We are your last excuse
You're one in a million
You have everything to lose
..and don't try to reason
You'll burn up in atmosphere
'cause we are the standard! issue
Track Name: Get It Through
Here's a beat
It is a solid beat
And no one's paying attention so I'm free to speak
Something passionate will work real well
But I am bored so bored, yea, it's easy to tell
But I don't mind that it's the same old shit
'Cause innovation's really hard to sell
So come on!

Well it's the second verse
And I really like how this sounds!
It's got all the right elements that I like
It's that 4x4 on the floor
That keeps me moving all night long!
And that chord progression
I've heard it before
It's the same one in every song
But this message
Really throws me off
I can't sing along to this at all?

Get it through
I'll never get through to you
I'm too wide

Get it through
I'll never fit like you do
But you're too blind
So shut up and swallow

But don't mind me
I'm just another face
Just turn your head and I will be replaced
And don't you worry, I am all alone
But you'll never understand
You'll never understand x4

Get it through
I'll never get through to you
I'm too wide

Get it through
I'll never fit like you do
But you're too blind
Shut up and swallow..
Just shut the fuck up and swallow!
Track Name: No Effect
I wake up everyday and it ls like death
I'm sure that you can all relate
But while you think is tragic?
I think it's great!
I'm getting farther then all of you combined.

And I'll pretend
There's nothing out there
And no, my words have no effect!
I'm just so different!
Nothing applies to me
You can't fill me up

And if I'm wrong
Then I am faceless
And if I'm right
Then I belong
But there is no difference
Nothing applies to me
These are the best days of my life

I am the second coming of nothing at all
I predict things that never come true anyway
And it'll never HAPPEN for me like it does for you
I'll just work myself to death and that'll be the end
Track Name: Breed To Death
My words have no meaning to you
You interpret as you please
I know that you pretend to care
But there's nothing you will miss
And if you think this isn't about you
Well I'm sorry, 'cause it is
But all you wanna do tonight
Is get caught up in youth

And maybe you're impressed
With everything I do
But I don't give a shit
I don't give a shit

I'm just being used
So all you idiots can

Go and breed to death

I just can't wait to get you all out of my way
My metapohors didn't work so I'll just say it straight and plain
I'm not that good with affection
Or with getting inside
But you just force it down so hard
That I wish I could just rip the tension right out of my lungs

I know you're still impressed
With everything I do
But I don't give a shit
I don't give a shit

I'm just being used
So all you idiots can

Go and breed to death

Here I'll sell it to you:
I hope you breed to death
Track Name: Preset
I took a long hard look at your face today
But it wasn't really yours at all
Yea, I've seen it before
It's the same old swarm
You wear it the same!

You're just a preset
And you don't even know it
So keep spinning along
And when you want it
You let everyone know it
It's not really like you have a choice!

You're just upbeat, confident
confident, CON-FI-DENT
Upbeat, confident, yea!

They say "Don't judge a book by its cover"
Because there's always something new to discover
Well that's bullshit, it's all upfront
I can tell by the way I'm being ignored
And I think it's funny how I'm being myself
And you're telling me that I'm somebody else
When I don't want it as bad as your wave
So stop telling me that you can all relate

And all the stereotypes that I hear are true
And I just can't wait to apply them all to you
And don't listen, don't think this through
But just know that I'll predict your every move!

Shallow passion
Always wins
And hollow fashion
Always leads

And if you
Don't believe me
Then turn this off
'Cause I wrote
All this shit
Just to prove you

So stay upbeat, confident, confident, CON-FI-DENT
Upbeat, confident, yea!
Track Name: Fields
I've said it all before in so many words
And I'll say it all again
Until the meaning is lost
There's nothing to untangle
It's all upfront
I'll say I'm leaving again
But I'll come back for more
And it feels like I've been
Falling forever
While their fields of love
Have looked on amazed
That I had
So much time
So much life
But nothing's given way
And they'll use up
All that I've given
And turn it
Into nothing I'd miss
Until I'm out of time
Out of life
But they don't seem to mind
It's all the same
I've said that I've been falling
But I kind of lied
It's all just in my head
I don't even use it that much
So stop your listening
And leave me be
But I forgot I let you loose
And now you just can't get enough
Out of me
Until I'm out of time
Out of life?
Whatever, I don't care
You're all the same
Track Name: Recall
And I recall

Before the skies were
Strapped to the detonators

Before the lights all
Dimmed in their simulators

Before I saw the all as
cheap imitators

They said:

"Don't tell me what to do
Don't tell me what to choose
Just know I will never ever lose
Or even burn up
That is impossible
I followed all the rules"

"But give me all the tools
And tell me what to use
Just know that I will never ever lose
That's what I'm here for
Everything's possible
And I just can't get enough!"

And now I'm here
And they've all folded up around me
And yet they fail to see the irony
As they fold in all around

I love the way they fold around you
I love the way you're understood
I know I'll never get inside you
I know I'll never get it through

I love the way they fold around you
I love the way you prove me right
And now I'm gone
So don't remind me
To look back
Track Name: Standard Issue
All my clever words had run out
I'm just scraping bottom now
I'm not really here
And you can't hear this at all
But it feels like I belong
None of this seems like it's wrong
I'm just doing my job
while you do yours
So make me star at
All your bright and
busy days

But to me they
don't mean shit

So breed to death,
My love
You don't exist
At all
And even if you did
I wouldn't care at all

Becuase you are
the standard
You were my last excuse
I'm one in a million
I have everything to lose
And don't try to reason
You'll burn up in atmosphere
'Cause you are the standard issue
Yea, you are the standard issue

I should really get out more
'Cause you people make the
World go 'round, yea I know
But everytime I do
It's just a maze
And you're light years away
And I have no one to blame
Except me and this head
Track Name: Attention
This is the last impression
That I'm going to make
So you should pay attention
'Cause everything's making sense
So much sense
And now I'm going backwards
This is the first wave
I'm at the end of the start
And I'm everything that I've made
Yea all I've made
This isn't getting deeper
Just repeating itself
I've heard it all before
But didn't catch a word you've said!
But you're not impressed

So scream back at me:
ATTENTION! I've got these four limbs and a head!
And I demand ATTENTION!
I've got nothing to lose so much to gain!
Nothing out there but myself!
And I demand ATTENTION!
I've got so much to give, so much to take!

I guess I'm too dependent
On what you say
So I'm completely detached
From what I need for myself
(Yea, my demands are great!)
But I don't have a system
That works real well
So now I'm stuck in a frame
Trying to push you all away
It's not going too well!
So give it up for those
Who have no one to blame
And fit so well
into these boxes that you've made
I'd love to put myself away
But you'd have no one to blame
Track Name: Thanks For Everything
This is for myself
As selfish as it gets
And the only thing that I have left

But you don't understand
'Cause you're the standard wave
You got your balance down but your vision is so plain

The pictures in my head are great!
I prefer them over you.
There's nothing you can do or say
To make me ever change the way I am.

I'm the one that let you in
And you walked all over me
So thanks for everything
Well, that was my mistake
And now I'll have to pay
So I'm selling all these dreams
Just so that I could stay
And watch it fade away
Into all this grey
I Can do so much but you've all got me caged.

Tell me
Things will always work out
We are really on your side!
It's alright! Wwe feel your pain!
Too late
All is said and done now
Go ahead and make the calls
No one's home.
I've gone away.
Track Name: Social Animal
I'm walking towards you bleeding every step of the way
You stare at me wide-eyed but can't understand my pain
But the pain is not the problem, it's the division of mind
Where you see a clear path all I see are shards of glass

I'm not your social animal, I don't wanna be here!
I'm not your soccial animal so get the fuck off me!

I'll carry my broken wings to the summit of your truth
Don't want to look back and see you standing there
When I throw it all off the cliffs you'll be last to know
I've swallowed myself long enough for you to see
The ghost of me.